ACSCA Officers

Executive Committee Officers: 

July 1, 2021 - June 30, 2022

Vice President: Carley Kaercher is currently a school counselor at Baldwin High School. She can be reached at

President: Ty Beck is in her 7th year at Urban Pathways Charter School as a school counselor and is currently the Transition and Internship Counselor! She can be reached at

Past President: Sharissa Shatten is in her 6th year as a school counselor. Currently, she works at Butler Area School District in the K-4 setting. She can be reached at

Treasurer: Karen Montgomery is beginning her 9th year as a school counselor with Gateway School District in a K-4 building. She can be reached at

Secretary: Emily Meola is a school counselor at Clairton School District. She can be reached at

Membership Chairperson: Barron Whited is a practicing school counselor at Agora Cyber in the high school setting. He can be reached at