Joining ACSCA

Joining ACSCA is very easy. There are just two quick steps:

1. Complete the Membership Form found here:                               

This will enable us to collect your contact​ information as well as some other information that will be used ONLY for understanding our membership trends. 

DUE TO A CONNECTION ISSUE WITH PAYPAL, we will be collecting dues for this year at a later date. Once you've registered at the link above, you are good to go for now! Once we have resolved our issue we will send out information about how to pay your yearly dues. Thanks for your patience. 

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2. Complete the PayPal payment method found here:   


Information on the different membership levels can be found below.

Professional Members: These persons must hold a valid certification to serve as a school counselor. These persons must be employed as elementary, secondary or college counselors, or as supervisors or directors of guidance and counseling services at the district, regional or state level within Allegheny County. Any person who has attained status as an active member shall retain that status for all purposes including voting until June 30th each year.

Regular Members: These persons must hold a valid certification to serve as a school counselor, but must be currently unemployed as such.

Student Members: These persons must be certified graduate students enrolled at least half-time in a course of study designed to prepare them for guidance work.  Student membership shall be held for no more than three years and only so long as the person is properly entitled to such status. 

Retired Members: These persons must have been professional members for two years immediately preceding retirement.  A retired member may be called to serve on committees.  Retired members may hold appointive offices.

 Associate Members: All other persons who present themselves to this Association for membership shall have their applications referred to the Executive Committee which may grant them “Associate Status” if they are not eligible for Professional, Regular, Student or Life Membership.

 Life Member Life Membership is an honor awarded to a person who has made a significant contribution in the field of guidance and counseling and provided exemplary leadership to the organization.  A professional member may only be nominated by an Executive Committee member upon recommendation by a member of the Association.  A nominee may become a Life Member only through special action of the Executive Committee.  Life Members shall retain all the rights and privileges of dues-paying members, and shall be exempt from payment of annual dues.